What is God doing in 2023?

Covering California's 58 Counties in Prayer

What is God doing in 2023?

January 5, 2023 Biblical Prophetic Insight Prophetic 0

An insight into the heart of God – NFL revelations from Monday night

January 2, 2023 – Monday Night Football

After Buffalo’s Damar Hamlin collapsed in the first quarter, the Monday Night Football game between the Bills and Cincinnati Bengals has been suspended for the night, ESPN has reported.

Shortly before 9 p.m., defensive back Hamlin tackled Cincinnati wide receiver Tee Higgins, got to his feet and then crumpled to the ground. A stretcher and ambulance raced onto the field as most of the Bills’ roster came off the sideline to kneel or stand around Hamlin.

First responders administered CPR to Hamlin on the field.

Other Bills players could be seen crying as Hamlin was tended to by medical personnel. Other players held hands praying.

As the ambulance left the field, players from both teams huddled for prayer. Hamlin’s family was in the stands and his mother joined him in the ambulance, ESPN reported.

Original article: https://www.pennlive.com/sports/2023/01/monday-night-football-game-ends-after-player-collapses-needs-cpr.html

John 3:16-17

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. John 3:16-17

Damar Hamlin is a player who is well liked by anybody who knows him. Why?

Damar Hamlin is a devout Christian Who Says Family Comes First. A quote from Damar: “My faith is in God. So whatever He has planned for me, that’ll be it.”


Revelation 1: 

God shows us in the very beginning of the year what He is about. God is about honor, he is about prayer, he is about unity, he is about kindness, about love, and He loves this world so much, that He interrupts one of the most ‘sacred’ elements of American entertainment “Monday Nights NFL football” celebration in the first quarter by allowing Damar Hamlin falling to the ground and his heart stopping. CPR needed to be given and everyone in an instant understood the seriousness of the situation. The players, the coaches, the tens of thousands in the stadium audience, and the millions of people watching on TV, America was with it.

The NFL decided not only to interrupt the game, but to also stop it, and to reschedule it at another time.

Millions of people around America and even the world, followed the example of the players on the field, who in a rare and stunning moment of being in shock and awe all together knelt down in unity and prayed together for the wellbeing of Damar Hamlin. Millions started praying calling upon God. That is what God wanted, he wanted to call this Nation to prayer, to intercession. He stopped the entertainment, because He is saying, I am changing this nation of America and this is important: Unity, prayer, brotherhood, kindness, caring, kneeling for GOD and GOD alone.

In that moment, God shattered the anti-God residues of wokeness and showed His might, and His strength and His ability to call this nation to Himself. America worshiped and prayed to almighty God to rescue a man who had demonstrated through his life, that he cared about others, for his mother, for his family, for the children in his community.

Revelation 2:

God is touching the hearts of people of this nation all across these lands.

And suddenly, Twitter and other social media platforms were used for something good, calling people to pray and sharing the GoFundMe page of his small Non-Profit Organization that Damar had opened up in December of 2022 to help children in his neighborhood who did not have access to toys. His heart’s intention was to help children with toys, so that they could also have a beautiful Christmas. He originally wanted to raise $2,500 for the children. At this moment nearly 200,000 different donations have poured in in less than 24 hours for a current total in excess of 5.8 Million dollars.


No matter what is happening to Damar Hamlin in the future, if he lives or if God calls him home, because Damar knows where he is going to spend the rest of eternity, in Jesus Christ’s loving arms together with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. God by using his beloved son Damar is currently changing the spiritual and emotional, as well as mental landscape of America.

Revelation 3:

God gave me in the end of December 2022 a prophetic word for 2023. It only consists of four words: “Everything new, everything fresh!”.

This event was an example of something completely new and unknown. It was very interesting to see what happened and how the Mainstream media stations could NOT do anything against what was going on in the stadium. They covered for over an hour and showed over and over again that nearly all of the NFL players on the field prayed and kneeled to pray to almighty God. I believe nearly everyone’s heart was touched, who watched.

Revelation 4:

The cover-up of potentially harmful Covid Vaccines is scandalous.

It is unbelievable that not one reporter on the Mainstream media even mentioned the Covid vaccines and the potential threat that these vaccines may have had on this unfortunate event with Damar Hamlin. The NFL proudly reported in their own press release that over 94% of the NFL players are vaccinated against Covid 19. (https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2021/11/04/nfl-covid-vaccine-aaron-rodgers-rules/6284838001/ ) While on the Mainstream media one heart specialist after another and doctors merely reported about rare occurrences of similar events decades ago and solely referred to what could happen in the heart, not one single doctor connected the dots and brought up the possibility that this may have been connected to one of the harmful side effects of the Covid vaccines which are widely reported but suppressed by the Mainstream Media.

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Obviously, the external pressure on the TV channels, reporters and doctors is so great, that nobody dared to even mention the word “vaccine”.


GOD sits on the throne, safely and securely. DO NOT FEAR! He is going to bring NEW things about in 2023, that will have to do with characteristics of GOD: TRUTH, POWER, LOVE, KINDNESS, JUSTICE, HOLINESS and the RESTORATION OF FAITH IN GOD!

May the Lord abundantly bless you in 2023!
Wolfgang Kovacek

PS: Praise God that Damar Hamlin is doing better according to recent reports from his immediate family!

Update 1: On 1/5/2023 the following article was released by GAB: https://news.gab.com/2023/01/damar-hamlin-and-pursuing-the-truth-in-the-empire-of-lies/

Update 2: On 1/28/2023 Damar Hamlin gave an interview in which he commented about this incident referring to it as “Direct example of God using me”. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/damar-hamlin-makes-first-video-comments-cardiac-arrest

Update 3: On 4/18/2023 Fox News states: “Bills’ Damar Hamlin discusses cause of cardiac arrest during Bengals game: ‘I died on national TV’ https://www.foxnews.com/sports/bills-damar-hamlin-discusses-cause-cardiac-arrest-during-bengals-game-i-died-national-tv