Covering California's 58 Counties in Prayer

VIDEOS of past PRAY CALIFORNIA events we hosted & participated in


2023, March 28th

The Global Call – Holy Spirit Revivals and Their History shares personal testimonies, historical accounts, and interesting viewpoints from different cultures, all based on biblical truth. 4 Segments

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2022, October 21th & 22th

Watch the amazing 2-day conference in Southern California at New Beginning Community Ministries in La Puente. Including Worship concert on Friday night. 9 Segments

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2021, November 6th

20th Annual PRAY CALIFORNIA Conference in Carmichael near Sacramento, California.
Please watch the individual Video Highlights. 13 Segments

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2021, September 6th to 16th (Yom Kippur)

10 Days of Prayer – California. Many different ministries are joining together to cover California for 1o days in 24/7 intercession. Events and Zoom Room Prayers. 5 Segments

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2021, September 11th

Redigging The Wells of Revival, a nine-hour global prayer and repentance event, held at the Aratani Theater, right next to the historic 1906 location of the Azusa Revival. 2 Segments

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2021, July 4th to 31st

Pray America – Pray! To encourage collaborative efforts, across the scope of a state, county, and city, to pray for a spiritual awakening in America – revival and renewal in the nation’s congregations. 1 Segment

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2021, May 6th

’70th National Day of Prayer’ Zoom Call’ with PRAY CALIFORNIA
Enjoy nearly 3 hours of prayers, worship, declarations, prayerful responses and intercession on this ’70th National Day of Prayer’ Zoom Call.. 1 Segment

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2021, April 30th

The Global Call – The Office of The Prophets. Sponsored by Pray California | Global Net TV | Authentic TV | Global Prayer | Sachai TV | Promise Channel & other collaborating organizations | with hosts David & Kathy Andrade, Maryal Boumann and Wolfgang Kovacek. 4 Segments with 16 Speakers

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2020, August22nd

Annual Pray California Conference 2020. CHURCH ARISE, STAND, VOTE!
With Authority, in Righteousness, for Restoration and Revival!
Over 8 hours of intercession and prayer for California. 24 Segments

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