Resource Corner

Covering California's 58 Counties in Prayer

Resource Corner

PRAY CALIFORNIA is excited to present resources that were created by some of our talented God-Family, precious Ministry Partners.

We do not charge a fee to advertise here, nor do we receive monetary profit.

We simply want to offer this ‘Resource Corner’ as a token of our love and support, and to thank you for being part of this Ministry!

Here you can find wonderful, Christ-centered, Kingdom-focused, insightful gifts for any occasion!

He Showed Up!: A Collection of Divine Encounters by Anthony John Jurkowski

“One Church for a Won World” by Broadcaster and Prophetic Bible Teacher Caz Taylor

“Well Versed Audio Book” by Founder and CEO of Well Versed Dr. Jim Garlow

“This Precarious Moment” by Founder and CEO of Well Versed Dr. Jim Garlow

“Kingdom Calling: A Field Manual for Believers” by Robert Wolff

“UNITY” Awakening the One New Man by Robert Wolff

“YIELDED: The Posture Of True Love” by Howard Bell

“The Rescuer: Fixing Himself for a Better Us” by Rich Ulrich, MHA

Adding Depth To Your Destiny: 50 Days of Focus Brings Jubilee! by Candi MacAlpine

“Praying up a STORM” by Daniel Bernard

“Living Hope” by business leader, pastor, and CEO of  Prayer at the Heart Gerard Long

“Delighted – An illustrated book of poetry and reflections” by Andrew & Hannah McPhee

“THE COMPANY of APOSTOLIC WOMEN” with Maryal Boumann

“There Once Was a Man Who Suffered”  by Sharon Arpana Edwards