Repair The Breach

Covering California's 58 Counties in Prayer

Repair The Breach

March 14, 2023 Expressions from the Heart Prayer & Intercession Prophetic 0

REPAIR THE BREACH SONG VIDEO by Jerry and Karen Ellard

REPAIR THE BREACH song video is a prayer to God that through our prayers and intercession and getting involved in making our collective voices heard that God will repair the breach by prayer, His Word and His Ten Commandments returning to our schools by causing three illegitimate court cases, that took Him ‘out of our schools,’ to be OVERTURNED by our United States Supreme Court.  

Repair The Breach by Jerry and Karen Ellard


“This is an amazingly powerful and beautiful song. But even more importantly,  it’s a prayer to God Almighty for restoring and repairing the breach in the walls of righteousness around America.   We need to sing and pray this song everywhere.  Please share it with others. “ 
Alllan Parker, Pres., The Justice Foundation, and lead attorney for the Moral Outcry Petition, Operation Outcry and The Center Against Forced Abortion

“This song is a nail (VAV) into the coffin of the enemy. Let this song be shared far and wide through every state in the US and let it be sung in all the revival meetings that are starting. Let these three court cases rise up in the consciousness of this generation, so that the Supreme Court feels the RUACH of the living G-d as they REVOKE and CANCEL ALL THREE of them in JESUS name!”  
Wolfgang Kovacek, Asst. Prayer Director, PRAY CALIFORNIA, Exec. Producer & Director of Hollywood Transformation.

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Please send it to others and begin praying for our national relationship with God to be repaired!