PRAY CALIFORNIA helping Orphans in Kenya

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PRAY CALIFORNIA helping Orphans in Kenya

March 2, 2023 Expressions from the Heart PRAY CALIFORNIA Team Prayer & Intercession 0

Then the king spoke to the wise men who understood the times [asking for their advice]—for it was the custom of the king to speak before all those who were familiar with law and legal matters— 14 and who were close to him [as advisors] Esther 1:13-14

This ground was ploughed by an ox. Preparation for what is planned…
This is the seed for corn, which will be planted…
These are the bags of fertilizer that are needed…

If you are interested about this amazing strategy how to provide food for 30 orphan children for a whole year in a wise and diligent way click on this link and look at the detailed description regarding food for the Giribe Grace Children’s Home.

Update per 03/02/2023 evening: Through a very generous donation funds were received to cover the cost for the tractor and for the seeds. The only funds that need to be raised in order to provide food to 30 children for a whole year is about $500. Please click here and donate towards it.

Update per 03/08/2023 morning: Progress report with a video. Tractor was rented, fields were ploughed, seeds were purchased. The only thing preventing them to start planting is the VERY NECESSARY purchase of fertilizer. Cost $500. Needed ASAP!

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