Covering California's 58 Counties in Prayer


May 26, 2021 PRAY CALIFORNIA Team 0

A new Social Media Platform

During “The Global Call” Facebook decided to cut our broadcast off and many people were not able to watch the live broadcast of this very interesting TV Production about The Prophetic. During Segment 3 and 4 on the second Sunday we experienced again disruptions from Facebook and they did not allow us to broadcast. We had over 220 locations where people were not able to watch THE GLOBAL CALL.

We therefore were forced to look for another Social Media Platform and we researched for about two weeks, testing many different platforms, to find the right fit for PRAY CALIFORNIA, where we would not run into the danger of being censored. We found that platform in BRIGHTEON and we are currently very happy. The slogan of Brighteon is “REFUSE to be silenced. Free speech lives here.” – This is the right place for us.

BRIGHTEON: The quality of the uploaded videos displays very good, the technical support is great, the platform seems very stable, the mission is right for us and you can even decide to increase or reduce the playback speed. You can create Playlists and we have so far created two Playlists: THE GLOBAL CALL and PRAY CALIFORNIA Unlimited

Here is the link to our Brighteon Channel:
Please consider to follow us on PRAY CALIFORNIA’s Brighteon channel and you will be informed when we upload new content.