PRAY AMERICA PRAY starting July 4th

Covering California's 58 Counties in Prayer

PRAY AMERICA PRAY starting July 4th

June 24, 2021 PRAY CALIFORNIA Team Prayer & Intercession 0

A national Prayer Strategy for the whole country

Please watch the Video from Prayer at the Heart in Brady Texas.

America’s Prayer Meeting PRAY AMERICA PRAY


To see the nation experience a Great Spiritual Awakening resulting in millions of conversions out of prayerful desperation driven by the conviction that only such a God-sent revival can save us.‍

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To call the spiritual leaders of the nation, pastors of churches, and believers to prayer through a series of national-virtual and time-place prayer events believing that the flashpoint of spiritual renewal is local.

To assert, with unwavering sincerity, that our only hope is a spiritual awakening. To do this via regular live-streamed updates, interviews, news reports, and prayer, featuring the voices of passionate leaders aiming to awaken the nation’s Christians, pastors, marketplace leaders, and intercessors. These periodic events will be anchored by corporate prayer meetings partnered with live-streamed historical and Biblical perspectives and contemporary updates laced with prayer.    


To encourage collaborative efforts, across the scope of a state, county, and city, to pray for a spiritual awakening in America – revival and renewal in the nation’s congregations. To encourage passionate, humble, travailing prayer until our hearts and homes are transformed. And until our churches and communities experience the irresistible convicting grace of God resulting in repentance and the redirection of millions of lives, and as a consequence, a morally and spiritually transformed nation.

To connect people in passionate intercession with a spiritual awakening in view. To encourage a rhythm of daily personal prayer, the family altar, weekly group prayer connections, congregational prayer gatherings, and regular community prayer events.


The Call in Number is: 518.318.7117  No access code.
Please call in a few minutes before your hour begins. 

PRAY CALIFORNIA is actively supporting PRAY AMERICA PRAY and Maryal Boumann, as well as Wolfgang Kovacek, are California’s ambassadors for PRAY AMERICA PRAY!

Prayer At The Heart of America – July 23rd, 2021

Find more interesting information on how people from all over the nation are coming together from eight different directions into the heart of America at Lebanon, Kansas on July 23rd, 2021.

If you would like to get involved in Prayer at PRAY AMERICA PRAY please contact either:
Dai Sup Han –
Gerry Bryant – For questions or additional info per the Prayer Routes or onsight Lebanon, KS Prayer meeting: