Ministry Partners we support in 2024

Covering California's 58 Counties in Prayer


with Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers in America and in other nations, PRAY CALIFORNIA is excited to announce we are not only supporting them with encouragement and prayer but also financially, as we are able with your partnership and generous hearts!

ABOUT THE CHURCHES/MINISTRIES: Some we already support due to their dire need(s) and others we will be supporting as GOD’S People donate. Because some of these Bible-following, Christ-loving Pastors/Churches/Ministries are in persecuted nations, we are only sharing generally about their good works without identifying them.

Please understand that we know each one personally, have vetted them, they are faithful and humble servants of our Most High God. Some of them occasionally join our weekly Wednesday PRAY CALIFORNIA 12:00 noon Praise and Prayer Call in the Zoom Room, even though it is the middle of the night/early morning hours for them!

Their hearts are pure, and their desire is to reach souls for Christ, see captives set free, help feed the hungry, provide clean water, and often go without food for themselves.

80% to our PRAY CALIFORNIA Partner Ministries:

1. A YOUNG PASTOR and HIS WIFE in KENYA who have ‘adopted’ 30 young children whose parents have either died from HIV/aids, accidents, or other diseases.
This Pastor is a leader amongst leaders, and is gathering other Pastors together to pray! He organized an Outreach this year (2023) where 500 people attended and 30 gave their lives to JESUS/YESU in Swahili! Both the PRAY CALIFORNIA Director (Maryal Boumann) and Assistant Director (Wolfgang Kovacek) have taught and prayed for people for their Sunday Service as Guest Pastors. At both Services, our Kenya Pastor friend confirmed people got delivered, healed, and some filled with the Holy Spirit with a manifestation of tongues. Glory to God!

2. A PASTOR and HIS WIFE in PAKISTAN who spread the Good News, often with outdoor Events. This Pastor gathers other area Pastors to share, encourage one another, and pray. He has started PRAY PAKISTAN based on PRAY CALIFORNIA and suggestions that we offer him. He also had a logo made up based on our logo! His heart is also to reach the lost, feed the hungry, and expose the slave-labor of the children…

3. A PASTOR and HIS WIFE in India have a tiny rectangular worn-out Church building where he hosts Services, prayer, and also feeds the Congregation. Many attend who are unsaved, they come for the food but hear about Jesus! Some get delivered from witchcraft. They do not have chairs, they sit on the floor. This Pastor and his family also go out to the streets and set up to feed homeless and needy people, rain or shine!

4. A MESSIANIC-JEWISH SISTER who was born in California and lives in Jerusalem. She is regarded as a wise, seasoned, prophetic Intercessor with connections throughout the region. She walks the Holy Land, prays and worships…She often hosts fellow Brethren who visit Jerusalem, and is a Handmaiden of the LORD! – Genesis 12:3

5. PRAY CALIFORNIA’S PRO-LIFE COVERING, The Justice Foundation who fervently and actively seek to end abortion across the nation!


By partnering with PRAY CALIFORNIA in prayer and financial support, you are helping us to reach the nations and helping us to continue this Kingdom work!

We thank you, and the Pastors and people in other nations also thank you!

Pray California thanks you very much for your donation!