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Marin County Prayer Leader


Brian Tada

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To the GLORY of GOD

Brian Tada is a Prayer Warrior with over four decades of experience participating
in various prayer initiatives supporting California, the USA and Israel.
He presently serves as a member of his church’s Freedom Ministry prayer team.
His dedication to prayer was nurtured by the example of the extraordinary
prayer life of his dearly departed precious Mother Cheryl, whose vision was to
see unity in the Body of Christ (John 17:21) especially in the County of Marin,
where Cheryl pioneered a work in the 1970s to bring clergy together from
various denominations under the banner of God’s love.

A graduate of Oral Roberts University, Brian’s vision is to be involved in God’s
end-time army of believers, ministering the love and light of Yeshua Jesus to
areas of society where God’s voice is heard small and His light is dim.

Brian is currently writing a faith-based book on mental health from a Biblical
perspective. He is a wellness entrepreneur, health coach, life coach and nature
photographer. Several of his photos have won awards including Editor’s
Favorites at National Geographic Your Shot, for which Brian gives all glory to
God. His photography portfolio is featured on