Church On Fire Encounter

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Church On Fire Encounter

August 7, 2023 Biblical Prophetic Insight Expressions from the Heart Prayer & Intercession Prophetic 0

The Presence of the Lord

David and Kathy Andrade 

The following report about this Encounter, which just happened in July 2023 in Decatur, Illinois, is written by David and Kathy Andrade, both Board Members of Pray California. Also part of the Encounter was Bob Sheets, who is known to many Pray California prayer warriors. And James Nesbit attended one of our Conferences three years ago….

The Church On Fire Encounter this past week was amazing. It was not only the Presence of the Lord but also the in-your-face miracles of love that the Lord poured out on His people. Sunday morning one gentleman said, “I didn’t even know I was healed until I got out of bed in the morning.” The Presence of the Lord was still so present Sunday morning in the sanctuary. Even though the worship was pretty much the same, the Presence of the Lord made it all different. People that usually were not into the worship were clapping and lifting their voices with a new passion. Many were kneeling on the steps of the altar. The Lord used, the pastors, leaders and everyone present during the encounter. One of the pastors told us he is going back and telling his people that we need the Holy Spirit in the church.

The Lord was truly present to touch His people. The Holy Spirit was the one that led these meetings. And He used all that were present as the conduits of the love of Jesus and the Father as all ministered to one another.

The Body of Christ, all worked as one. Every part ministered and though there were some that held servant leadership roles. Others like Tony Kemp and Dan Bolin ministered under the unction of the Holy Spirit in healing and prophetic ministry. Others brought us into the Presence of the Lord as they lead worship. And so many that volunteered that without them all of this would not have been. All labored together and let the Holy Spirit have His way and use them. I want also to say thank you to the Intercessors who for weeks met regularly to cry out before the Father, to have His way in these meetings.

Jesus did what none of us were able to do. When the Body of Christ once again allows the Holy Spirit to lead the Church, He does just that, fills God’s people with joy and power from on high, working miracles in our midst as demons scream out in protest as they are ejected out the door. And the greatest reward is the new souls are born into the Kingdom as even heaven breaks out in joyful praise to Jesus.

We have entered into an open door of Holy Spirit opportunity. The time of gathering may be short. Proclaim the call. Go out as Jesus said and compel all to come in. This is the Matthew 24 gathering time that Jesus told His disciples about, that all that call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved… The Spirit and the Bride let them cry out loudly, Come. All that are Hungry. Let them Come. Jesus is saying, Prepare My Bride, make yourself ready. Jesus is standing at the door. He is saying, I have prepared a place for you in my Father’s house. I am returning soon to gather you onto Myself. So that, where I am, you may be also.

This Holy Spirit time of gathering is not only for those that have labored long but also for the nameless and faceless. The Lord will use young and old. Age is not a disqualification. It was promised long ago by the Lord through His Prophet Malachi. The Spirit of Elijah will come to turn the hearts of the Sons and Daughters toward the Father’s and Mothers. And vice versa.  When the Lord Himself will come upon His people with healing in His wings. He will graciously bless and generously reward all that labor in His harvest fields, anointing them with His Holy Spirit.