Month: October 2022

Covering California's 58 Counties in Prayer

California (Prophetic Dreams)

From Carolyn Hyde California Many followers of Yeshua wanted to run away but when Adonai told them to stay, they obeyed. In a state of evil governance, which calls for the murder of babies 28 days after birth, unlimited, abortions, gender changes any time, number one in porn, plus more, the Body of Messiah is…
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21st Annual Conference open for you to come

Please register and come to the conference today Saturday, 10/22/2022. Watch ONLINE: Live Stream starting at 9AM PT: Or Live also on ROKU TV station: AUTHENTIC TV Or Live on the web: Delayed Broadcast On Fri and Saturday starting at 6 PM PT Friday and Saturday on: =================================================================

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PRAY CALIFORNIA Annual Conference – Program 2022

Registration is necessary. Please register here for FREE.

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